Welcome! If you got a suggestion for TT2, put it under the following bullitions:

  • Story (When Mutank was defeated, his head flies back to earth and struck by the factory, and it destroys the whole factory by humans. They were energetic by Mutank for mind controlling Humans to rebuild him. Now when the Humans rebuild Mutank was complete, Mutank will make them slaves to make a stronger army out of electricity metal shield's for getting revenge from Tiny Tank. Now when Tiny Tank, Dinky Tank, and Lilly Putian was building The Director and Fred as a Robot for 100 years ago, they know that Mutank was returned, but as stronger as it used to for revenge. But now, Tiny Tank's new adventure will begin with Dinky Tank, and Lilly Putian, Tiny Tank will fight again and save the world again from Mutank again. It will continue the adventures when Tiny Tank will defeat Mutank once more and continue fighting again for more adventures. He will know when it will end)
  • Gameplay (You will play as Tiny Tank, Dinky Tank, and Lilly Putian for the same play style, but different variety of weapons)
  • Tiny Tank: X: Jump. X+Hold X: Levitate. Square: Shoot. Square (Holding A Weapon): Shoot Reload Weapon 0.800. O: Mine. O+O: 2X Mines. O+O+O: 3X Mines.
  • Guns
  • Teams
  • Muiltiplayer 
  • Xbox Live
  • PC
  • Enemies
  • Main Enemy : Mutank
  • Tiny Tank's House
  • Garage (Were you change your Tank Character : Tiny Tank , Dinky Tank , Lilly Putian. [NOTE : see "on wiki" and then click on "photos" for characters.])
  • Mutank on the air (radio ,television, news ,ect)

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