This article will cover the bosses of the video game Tiny Tank: Up Your Arsenal.

Black Bart Edit

Black Bart is the first boss in Tiny Tank. Themed after a cowboy-gunman, he has a black hat and two guns and is rather tall, and was one of the robots led by Mutank against humanity, as he appears in Mission 1's cutscene. He is responsible over the Dead River Canyon base, and he stands next to its power generator. He first appears in a cutscene before Mission 1 where he challenges a QuickDraw to a duel with a basic robot and defeats him, scaring the others away. Tiny Tank attacks his base in that mission, and destroys him and the base's main facilities. He drops his hat, head, positronic brain, and two guns, all of which can be picked up by Tiny Tank, with the hat lingering forever until Tiny Tank loses a life. Tiny Tank likes to sing "I shot the Sheriff" when he destroys him.

Cargo ShipEdit

Stridor BotsEdit

Stealth TankEdit

Strike Blimp Edit

Strike Blimp is the boss of Mission 8, the Atmospheric Reduction Center. He calls Mutank in Mission 7 on his radio show, and asks him wether to worry about "open flames", referimg to the ones in his center, but Mutank merely tells him not to let fear paralyze him. In Mission 8, Tiny confronts him in order to destroy the center, but cannot damage him except by using the HoverTanks' guns. He destroys him, takes his cannons and uses them to destroy the center's main fan. He also appears in the cutscene before Mission 12, where Mutank leads his robotic army against humanity.


Gnatcraft CarrierEdit

Radar DishEdit

Mutank Edit

Mutank is the leader of the SenTrax army and the final boss of the game. He has his own radio show where he teaches his followers things and then takes their calls to answer their questions. He first appears in thr instruction booklet of the game warning humans not to oppose him, and in the cutscene before Mission 1 where he declares a human free world, and his voice can be heard on the radio throught various missions. He also appears in the cutscene before Mission 12, where he destroys Tiny Tank and takes over the world. Tiny Tank confronts in his space lair on Mission 13, The Maze, where he and his machine that will turn the Earth into Nanometal, are destroyed. He, however, throws himself over his disabled machine before shattering into pieces. The machine launches into space, and a Mutank head-like sphere comes out and disappears.